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400 fill-it-yourself
capsules for Nespresso®

Pack of 400 empty fill-it-yourself coffee capsules for Nespresso®. These fill-it-yourself capsules you first use your own coffee blend when you need to make coffee or espresso on your Nespresso® machine.

The capsules are disposable capsules that easy be filled and subsequent used in the same way as the original Nespresso® capsules.

See also our video at the bottom of the page where the use of the capsules are demonstrated.

Tip: To get optimal results it is recommended to use an espresso coffee to make a small cup of 40 ml. and a lungo coffee to make large cup of 110 ml. Preheat your cup before use - a little warm water to drain into it from the machine before the capsule is inserted.

Compatible with Nespresso

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