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9 Dolce Gusto +1 decalcification kit

With this offer you get 9 packages Dolce Gusto capsules (16 capsules per box*) where you can mix the variants that you desire among all variants and a decalcification kit, enough for 2 decalcifications.

    How to order: Below you will find 10 fields with a drop-down menu. In the 9 fields you select a desired variant and in the last one you select decalcification. Once all 10 fields are selected you click on: "Add to Cart".

PLEASE NOTE: The capsules are exclusively for Dolce Gusto machines.
Compatible with Dolce Gusto

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Regular Price: £536.95

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Regular Price: £536.95

Special Price: £449.00


Decalcification for your machine

The original Dolce Gusto decalcification kit contains 2 decalcification, decalcificatioun guide and cleaning needle. The water in UK is very hard and we recommend decalcification af your machine every month. With the original decalcification kit you will get the best care of your machine and prolongs the lifetime.

Selection of Dolce Gusto capsules. With the discount offer you can also choose 9 packages of capsules among all 40 variants of Dolce Gusto capsules. Therefore we have compiled an overview of variants and dosage of these:  Download FOR FREE a taste and dosage gudance with Dolce Gusto capsules here - Print ready and to be placed on the refrigirator! Below you will also find a complete list of all all 33 variants. The variants are also listed by strenght, where the strongest variants are at the top.

Espresso coffee:

Espresso Intenso - A rich and unique taste, the strongest.

Espresso Intenso Decaf - A rich and special taste, the strongest decaffeinated.

Espresso Barista - Intense and rich fruity aroma.

Espresso Ristretto - Full bodied, slightly bitter and great crema.

Espresso - A classic espresso.

Espresso Decaf - A decaffeinated espresso.

Espresso Caramel - A combination of intense coffee with a mild caramel.

Ristretto Ardenza - The most intense espresso with notes of licorice and a spicy aftertaste.


Lungo Intenso - Lungo with intense character, dark roasted beans.

Lungo - A small cup of coffee with good body, intense aroma and a velvety layer of crema.

Lungo Decaf - Decaffeinated Lungo.

Lungo Mild - A milder Lungo.

Black coffee:

Dallmayr Crema d'Oro - A carefully balanced combination of exellent highlands beans and a gentle roasting process.

Dallmayr Prodomo - An aromatic delight for all coffee connoisseurs.

Zoégas Mollberg - A powerful and elegant coffee, the strongest.

Zoégas Dark Temptation - A spicy and tasty coffee

Zoegas Intenso - A rich and elegant coffee with hints of black currant.

Zoégas Skånerost - The taste is dark and slightly sharp, with notes of dark berries.

Grande Intenso - Full bodied coffee with spicy and floral taste.

Grande Aroma - A full bodied and fruity roasted coffe, made from 100% Arabica.

Grande Mild - A fruity and milder morning coffee.

Americano - Light roasted coffee with a very mild and fruity taste.

Coffee with milk:

Latte Macchiato - Slightly sweetened latte, that contains a lovely aromatic espresso.

Latte Macchiato Light - Latte with fewer calories.

Latte Macchiato Unsweeted - An unsweeted latte with foam, creamy milk.

Vanilla Latte Machiatto - Latte with light vanilla taste.

Caramel Latte Macchiato - Latte with taste of caramel.

Cappuccino - A full bodied espresso with sweat foam milk on the top.

Cappuccino Light - A full bodied espresso with foam milk on the top, less sugar.

Cortado - An espresso with a little milk.

Cafe au Lait - Coffe with milk

Cappucino ice - cold - Cappuccino as ice-coffee.

Freddo Cappucino - cold - Lovely ice-coffee. 

Hot Chocolate:

Chococino - A more full bodied chocolate with milk.

Mocha - A nice mix of hot cocoa and coffee.

Choco Caramel - a delicious chocolate with intense taste of caramel and creamy milk foam..

Nesquik - The well-known chocolate drink.


Marrakesh Style Tea - Green tea with a taste of mint and sweetness.

Chai Latte - Spicy cinnamon tea with milk.

Citrus Honey Black Tea - Refreshing and invigorating tea with taste of honey and citrus.

Macaron Green Tea - Calming green tea combined with a hint of French macaroons.

Nestea Peach – cold - Peach ice-tee.

Nestea Lemon - cold - Lemon ice-tea.

Tea Latte - a mixture of regular black tea combined with milk foam.

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