Peter Larsen Classic

10 capsules for Nespresso®

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Product specification

Best Before 02.07.2019
taste Aromatic arabica, Smoke
Cup size Espresso
Strong (8/10)
Capsules system Nespresso
capsules 10
number of cups 10
Brand Peter Larsen
Characteristic Biodegradable, Ecological

Description of Peter Larsen Classic


No. 7 capsules Nespresso® from Peter Larsen.

Strong Italian style espresso with a pleasant lightly smoked aftertaste. The coffee consists of slowroasted highlands coffee beans obtained from Brazil and El Salvador. The capsules contain 100% Arabica coffee. The capsules are made of fibers from sugar cane, which makes the capsules 100% bio-compostable. All packaging is completely degraded after about 12 weeks. Moreover, this coffee Rainforest Alliance certified.

Peter Larsen Kaffe has now introduced those Nespresso®-compatible capsules.

This means that you now can enjoy the well-known high quality from Peter Larsen in your Nespresso®-macine.

The new capsules from Peter Larsen Kaffe are made of fibers from sugar cane, which ensures that the capsules are 100% bio-compostable.

If you throw the capsules in the compost pile or sorts them with other bio-waste, they will be completely degraded after about 12 weeks..

You can safely take advantage of the new Peter Larsen capsules with a clear conscience.

The coffee is made of 100% hand picked Arabica coffee beans, which are slow-roasted.

This provides the greatest guarantee of high quality.

Moreover, this coffee from Peter Larsen is Rainforest Alliance certified.

The association Rainforest Alliance works for promoting the conditions for workers and local communities and ensures the preservation of wildlife and the envirorment in the rainforrests of the world.

This means that by buying a Rainforest Alliance certified product, you support sustainability and environmental protection.

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