Illy Espresso

18 pcs. E.S.E PODS

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Product specification

Best Before 31.07.2019
taste Caramel, Chocolate, Flowers, Fruit, Honey
Cup size Espresso, Lungo
Strong (8/10)
Capsules system E.S.E.
pods 18
number of cups 18
Brand illy

Description of Illy Espresso

Serving pods with 7 grams of espresso coffee.

Illy Espresso is an exclusive espresso mixture. It is medium roasted and the result is a nice round espresso with great taste and crema. The taste is a nice mix of sweetness and acidity. It contains flavors like fruits and flowers mixed with chocolate, caramel and honey. Contains 100% Arabica beans from the world's most recognized coffee brands, illy - here is talking about espresso coffee of the highest quality!

Contents: 18 pcs. ESE pods

Recommendations: Suitable for all espresso machines with ESE system, such as X1 FrancisFrancis

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