Ecological capsules for Nespresso®

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Drinking eco-friendly/organic coffee not only has a positive effect on the environment and the animals in it but also on your body. We feel a responsibility to make sure you have a wide variety of coffee capsules for Nespresso® to choose from, so that you can make a make a positive choice for yourself and everyone around you.

The dark side of coffee capsules

The problem with coffee capsules for Nespresso® is the fact that with popularity having grown, so has their impact on the environment, if they are not biodegradable or recyclable. Some European cities have already banned the purchasing of certain polluting products and components with council money, which includes coffee capsules. Aluminum pods can take between 150-200 years while some plastic pods can take over 500 years to degrade. So clearly people have a good reason to worry about the long term impact coffee capsules for Nespresso® can have if they are not biodegradable. We have made sure to have the option of biodegradable coffee capsules for Nespresso® available to you.

What makes coffee organic

  • The land has not been exposed to pesticides or herbicides in the last 3 years
  • There is a sustainable crop rotation in place in order to prevent soil erosion
  • Farms are situated in a shady dense forest 

Reasons to drink organic coffee capsules

If you have been considering shifting your lifestyle to a more environmentally friendly one then these here reasons will finally convince you to make the change. More specifically, when it comes to coffee capsules for Nespresso®.

  • Your coffee beans will not be washed in a bath of chlorine or ammonia.
  • You will not ingest pesticides and herbicides while drinking your morning coffee, especially after knowing that coffee is the most heavily sprayed crops of all food.
  • You will be helping the farmers who grow organic crops from being exposed to harsh chemicals, as well as the environment and animals living in it.
  • Organic coffee according to many taste better than conventional coffee, which of course is debatable. We do, however, agree that it feels good to drink coffee capsules for Nespresso® that do not harm the environment.

The cost isn’t as high as one may think. We offer value for money when it comes to coffee capsules for Nespresso®, and our eco-friendly/organic coffee capsules are sold at competitive prices.

What does Fairtrade mean?

In terms of coffee, Fairtrade means that there are organizations create trading partnerships that are based on an open and honest communication based on respect to achieve equity in international trade. These organizations also prohibit child or forced labour practices. At KaffeKapslen we offer either fairtrade or fairtrade and organic coffee capsules for Nespresso® that are not only certified and above board but of a high quality.